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NARAL Pro-Choice Texas believes that true reproductive freedom can be achieved only when all Texans have the power and resources to make their own decisions about their bodies and families, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability, economic situation or immigration status. We know that restrictions to access to reproductive health care, including abortion, disproportionately burden people of color, low-income communities, immigrants and queer and trans individuals. We are proud to support grassroots initiatives across the state that center and lift up the communities most impacted by discriminatory policies and laws that leave the most vulnerable with few real choices when it comes to their reproductive lives.

Racial Justice

We recognize institutional racism as a major threat to the safety and well-being of Texas families and look especially to the leadership of women of color as we work to overcome it. We support ongoing efforts to fund research on and solutions to Texas’ alarming maternal mortality rate, which is higher still among Black women. Housing and employment discrimination, police brutality and mass incarceration too often determine the material conditions of Texans of color, thereby limiting their ability to make reproductive decisions.


We believe that all families deserve to live in safety, free from the fear of separation through detention or deportation. The criminalization of migration impedes access to reproductive health care when people feel intimidated from seeking medical services due to their own or their family members’ illegalized status and when people who need to travel to obtain abortions cannot reach clinics because of checkpoints on their path.

LGBTQI+ Equality

We recognize that restrictions to abortion and birth control access stem from a desire to control people’s bodily autonomy and limit their ability to create the families they choose. We are committed to opposing laws and practices that subject intersex individuals to non-consensual medical procedures, undermine transgender Texans’ right to live authentically in public, and deny queer couples protection from discrimination when they choose to adopt.

Paid Sick Leave

We believe that all workers, regardless of what kind of job they do or how much they earn, should be able to care for themselves and loved ones without fear of losing their jobs or wages. No one should fear for their livelihood when they seek health care—including abortion, which requires multiple appointments in Texas. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas was proud to support the coalition that successfully pushed for a paid sick leave in Austin and looks forward to supporting similar efforts in more cities.


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