CPC investigations

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are facilities that exist to prevent people facing unintended pregnancies from accessing abortion services. Many CPCs present themselves as medical clinics even though they are not health care facilities and the information they provide about abortion and sexual health is largely inaccurate.

Because CPCs are not transparent about their practices or funding, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is committed to investigating CPCs to expose their manipulative tactics. Following the attacks on reproductive healthcare in the Texas Legislature in 2011 and 2013, we renewed our CPC research program in 2014 and launched a website housing the findings of our research. We investigated 16 CPCs across the state to better understand how they treat people experiencing unintended pregnancy and, specifically, how they treat visitors looking for information about abortion. We discovered that CPCs use deceptive tactics, medical misinformation and flat out lies to dissuade people facing unintended pregnancies from accessing abortion services. We had volunteers of reproductive age visit CPCs and pose as visitors seeking information about all of their options, including abortion. The investigations took place in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Bryan/College Station, El Paso and their surrounding suburbs. Our investigations revealed that CPCs use similar tactics statewide to pressure people into continuing their unintended pregnancies, including stalling access to health care so that pregnancy progresses, proliferating false information about health risks associated with abortion and providing incorrect information about fetal development. Visit www.txpregnancy.org to view our research findings.

We first published our research on CPCs in 2009, in a report titled “Deceiving Women with your Tax Dollars.” The report focuses on the use of taxpayer dollars’ to fund CPCs and highlights some of the lies about abortion that CPCs tell their visitors. In 2011, we published our second CPC report, “The Texas Alternatives to Abortion Program: Bad Health Policy, Bad Fiscal Policy.” This report gives a further analysis of the use of state funds to finance CPCs and reveals the failures of the Texas Alternatives to Abortion Program.

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