Access to all approved contraception methods — including emergency contraception — gives Texans the ability to plan their families in ways that work for them. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas works to ensure all Texans can access to contraception and life-saving health care like cancer screenings and annual exams at the provider of their choice, reduce unintended pregnancies and save the state millions of dollars in Medicaid spending.

Since 2011, Texas’ family planning budget and programs have been in crisis. After the Legislature cut more than $60 million of its family planning budget and wrote Planned Parenthood out of several programs, independent family planning providers and Planned Parenthood health centers shuttered across the state and thousands of Texans lost access to birth control, cancer screenings and gynecological services.

At the same time, Texas excluded Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid Women’s Health Program, a Medicaid waiver program that came with a $9-to-$1 federal match and saved the state tens of millions of dollars. Texas’ attacks on Planned Parenthood led to the Obama administration yanking federal funding, and the state continues to pay out of its own pocket for a program

In 2013, the Texas Legislature tried to make up for its dismantling of the family planning infrastructure by redesigning the programs into its now third iteration—the Healthy Texas Women program. The program, administered by the Health and Human Services Commission, has been woefully underperforming for years, with dramatically fewer providers that sometimes do not offer the full scope of reproductive health services.

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