Next Generation 2019 Spotlight: Deana Ayers

June 25, 2019

I’m Deana Ayers, a 20 year old Black woman studying social work at the University of North Texas. I’m passionate about social welfare policy and all of the ways that government can improve the lives of oppressed and marginalized people in my community. I believe in the power of a government that promotes positive societal change, and as a result of that I want to work to make abortion and the full range of reproductive health care more accessible to everyone, regardless of gender identity, race, age, geographic location and economic status.


The longer I spend getting involved in politics and activism, the more I learn about how extreme anti-abortion lawmakers in  Texas have worked for decades to restrict access to abortion for the most marginalized people in our state. As a poor young woman of color, I am directly impacted by these dangerous policies that prevent Texans from  receiving reproductive health care, including abortion care, that should be available to all. My lived experience validates the many factors that work against people who need abortions. I’m glad to be working with NARAL Pro-Choice Texas to gain the tools needed and change the current direction of our state.


I dream of being an activist that creates compassionate policy, and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas’ Next Generation Program is helping get there. Through the program I’ve learned so much about the legislative process and current policies that affect abortion access here in Texas, as well as how to communicate effectively when I talk about abortion access and the reproductive rights movement. Being part of this program has increased my ability to organize on campus and create the positive change in reproductive policy that I know is possible.