Next Generation Fellow Spotlight: Lili Gomez

September 11, 2018

By Lili Gomez, 2018 Next Generation Fellow 

What excites me most about the activism here in Texas is the diversity and intersectionality. This creates a solid foundation for individuals to interact and intersect with each other for the greater good of the people of this state. I’ve learned that no matter how little I do through my activism, I must be making a change for at least one person.

I’ve learned through Next Generation and other aspects of my activism that my work matters because I’m helping people that may not be able to help themselves or need support in getting that help. I’ve also learned that there is an amazing support network out there that will help you when you need it in order to support your work or to support you in general. This is crucial to any activism work that anyone does. I think this is in part why I applied to join NARAL Next Gen, because I knew that I would be adding to my support network and this would help me improve myself in my activism work. In particular, I felt that I was still lacking in the policy aspect of my reproductive justice work, and I knew from friends that Next Gen might help with that.

I support abortion access because everyone deserves to have that choice without any barriers, challenges, or shame and stigma in accessing abortion. I support abortion access because it is a form of health care and all health care should be accessible. We as a society do not get to pick and choose what we deem is health care. Through my work, I hope to be a part of a movement that will change not just laws, but the shame and stigma surrounding abortion and abortion access.