Next Generation Fellow Spotlight: Quinn Becker

August 13, 2018

By Quinn Becker, 2018 Next Generation Fellow 

Eleven years ago in a galaxy far, far away known as Connecticut, I witnessed anti-choice protesters outside an abortion clinic for the first time. I was in high school, and until that day, I didn’t know what an abortion was, let alone why anyone might be protesting it. Something special happened that day, though: there were also pro-choice folks supporting the clinic and patients and making their voices heard. I knew I should get educated on the issue. So, educated I became.

Later, throughout my time in college and beyond, I became heavily involved in pro-choice activism. I was living in Iowa at the time, leading the reproductive justice organization at my university, volunteering my time at the local Planned Parenthood affiliate and lobbying at the Capitol building when politicians would attack reproductive rights. It was a good six years in the Hawkeye state!

In July of 2017, I found myself packing up my bags and moving to a state that is the poster-child for what not to do to people’s reproductive rights. That’s right: I moved to Texas. Real talk: I was scared. Iowa was becoming more hostile as I was leaving, but everyone always talked about Texas being the state you do not want to be like in regards to reproductive rights. And I was choosing to live there.

As I began carving out my place in my new state, I knew I needed to find my people. My pro-choice, abortion access supporting people. And part of that process was finding NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and the Next Generation program. It was important to me that I learned about the reproductive rights issues that are specific to folks here in Texas so that I can be a better activist and advocate. Next Gen has been helpful in learning about the reproductive justice issues that are plaguing Texans.

At the end of the day, abortion saves lives. It is a necessary medical procedure that I am so thankful for. Fighting for abortion access isn’t an easy fight. But, I’m thankful for my NARAL Pro-Choice Texas family here fighting the good fight with me.