Statement on Final Passage of Anti-Abortion Bill SB 415

March 20, 2017

For Release: 3-20-2017

Contact: [email protected], 214-404-8254

On Monday, the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 415, which bans a safe, proven medical procedure. Heather Busby, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, released the following statement —

“Today, politicians in the Texas Legislature continued their attack on the doctor-patient relationship and our reproductive rights. SB 415 is a thinly-veiled attempt to ban abortion, shame Texans who have abortions, and criminalize the safe practice of medicine.

This measure would prevent doctors from using their best medical judgment when treating their patients and would put patients’ health, safety and lives at risk. Every woman’s pregnancy experience is different, and doctors need all options available to treat their individual patients. Politicians should leave the practice of medicine to physicians.

Texans have shown again and again that they won’t stand for attacks on abortion access. It is long past time for anti-choice legislators to stop playing politics with our reproductive health, passing measures that put patients’ health and safety at risk and grossly intrude on the doctor-patient relationship.”


Senate Bill 415, filed by Senator Charles Perry, would ban a safe, medically-proven method of performing abortions later in pregnancy.