Statement: Fetal Tissue Burial Rules Provide No Public Health Benefit

November 9, 2016

Today, the Texas Department of State Health Services held a second public hearing on proposed rules that would require embryonic and fetal tissue to be buried or cremated following an abortion, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

Blake Rocap, legislative counsel at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, issued the following statement–

“Since July, Texans have shown through their outpouring of public comments and petition signatures that they will not stand for politically motivated attacks on reproductive health care. The Department of State Health Services did not take seriously, and refuses to respond to, the concerns of thousands of Texans who oppose this rule and the doctors and hospitals who must comply with it.

This rule provides no public health benefit, just like the state’s abortion restrictions that the U.S. Supreme Court struck down in June.

This is another in a long line of politically motivated attacks that make it harder for Texans to access abortion.  Instead of passing laws that force government intrusion on a patient’s access to health care, we should focus on making sure that patients are supported and respected and empowered in their health care decision.”

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There has not yet been a date set for the rules to go into effect.

During the second 30-day public comment period that ended on October 31, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and Planned Parenthood Texas Votes submitted comments on behalf of more than 5,000 Texans opposing these rules.