Adriano Kristian Pérez: Can you help Texas activists like me get to D.C. for the Supreme Court hearing?

January 27, 2016

When former Texas Governor Rick Perry called a special session in 2013 to further restrict abortion it was evident that many of our state’s leaders would stop at nothing to deprive Texans of the freedom to make the decision that is right for them and their families.

via Adriano Kristian Pérez

Immediately after the 2013 abortion restrictions were signed into law, I met with a couple of friends to brainstorm how we could help people in El Paso access abortion care. That’s when we decided to start the West Fund–an organization that provides financial assistance to west Texans seeking abortion care who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford the procedure.

I’m fighting to make abortion more accessible in my community every day. Can you help me get to Washington D.C. so my voice can be heard at our nation’s capitol?

In March, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the challenge to the law forcing clinics across our state to close. I want to be there to represent the people in my community whose health and safety are being jeopardized by this dangerous law. If the Supreme Court allows the law to go into full effect, El Paso will be left without any abortion clinics and a person in my community will have to travel more than 500 miles to get to the nearest clinic in Texas.

I need your help getting to D.C. Can you pitch in today so Texas activists like me can be represented in D.C.?

Thanks for fighting the good fight with me.