Show your support for Houston Men for Choice by reviving the Taco or Beer Challenge

April 9, 2015

As you may have heard, anti-choice folks are in a tizzy that we’re renting out a space at Saint Arnold Brewing Company​ for our Houston Men for Choice event, and they’ve taken to the Internet to harass and bully the brewery:

We want you to enjoy your beer with happiness. Important to note: as of today, most of the posts on the brewery’s page are overwhelmingly in support of our event, overshadowing the anti-choice comments from days before (via Saint Arnold’s Facebook page).

Well now there’s something you can do to support them – and it comes in the form of the Taco or Beer Challenge.

If you don’t remember, the Taco or Beer Challenge was started by progressive activist and journalist Andrea Grimes mostly as a response to the online phenomenon that was the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but also to raise money for abortion funds. Now, as Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company faces the anti-choice bullies in Houston, the Taco or Beer Challenge rides again. Here’s a post from Andrea Greer, a pro-choice Houston activist who suggested the revamp:

The fearless feminist journalist Andrea Grimes challenged us all last year to eat a taco, or drink a beer, or both, or something else, and donate to an abortion fund. What a great challenge! This spring in Houston, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is hosting an event at the Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Saint Arnold rents the brewery out to all kinds of organizations, and they don’t discriminate. They just like people who like beer. The same bullies who stand outside of clinics yelling at people who may or may not be going inside to have abortions have started yelling at Saint Arnold online for renting their space to NARAL Pro-Choice Texas.

Well, you know how we feel about bullies, right? Our enthusiasm for bullies is inversely proportional to our enthusiasm for beer drinking challenges. Our challenge to you – go buy a Saint Arnold beer. Hey, get a six-pack. And maybe get a taco. Or some burgers. Or tamales. Or fried chicken. Or donuts. Heck, whatever – just go get that beer to show the bullies that peace, love, and understanding conquers all, and goes down better with a cold one!Next, go make a donation – doesn’t matter how much – to NARAL Pro-Choice Texas.

Finally, send a picture of yourself enjoying your beer, or making your donation, or doing both at the same time, so we can post it & show our friends at Saint Arnold and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas how we feel about them.

You read it here, folks: go get yourself your favorite brew from Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company (available across Texas), have a taco, donate to our work and submit your photos!

Want to attend a Men for Choice event, whether it’s in Houston, Austin or Dallas? Head here to get your tickets to celebrate the diverse voices in our movement for reproductive freedom.