This week at #txlege: a barrage of anti-choice, anti-LGBT hearings and one pro-choice hearing

April 13, 2015

Update 4/15, 10:15am: the house has convened for the day. Committee hearings are scheduled to begin at 10:30am or upon adjournment of the House, meaning that hearings will likely start much later than 10:30am. Remember to go to the John H. Reagan Building (15th and Congress), Room 140 for all anti-choice bills. We’ve updated the blog below with a list of more bills for you to oppose today.

Update 4/14, 3:15pm: HB 723 is left pending in committee, with the overwhelming majority of people having signed up against than for the bill. Check in with us tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15 for hearings on HB 3183, HB 3446, HB 3765 and HB 3864.

Update 4/14, 2:15pm: HB 723 is up first in this Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee hearing. Live stream here.

Update 4/14, 12:03pm: due to points of order called on the House floor that sent back top-level bills expected to push committee hearings late this evening, the House has adjourned for today and the committee hearing for HB 723 begins at 2pm. Watch live here.

Action Alert

This is a big week for us at the Legislature in quite a few bad ways and one good way.

First, the good news:  HB 3183, Rep. Elliott Naishtat’s bill that removes the “pregnancy exclusion” – which would grant pregnant people the same rights as other Texans when making end-of-life decisions (also known as “Marlise’s Law”) – will get a hearing on Wednesday, April 15. This is a bill that we need you to support!

Now here are some bills getting hearings this week that we need you to oppose:

  • HB 723, a bill which seeks to limit pregnant teenagers’ access to abortion, will be heard Tuesday, April 14.  This bill would change Texas’ judicial bypass law, which currently allows teens to go through the courts to obtain an abortion without parental consent. Judicial bypass is a safety net that was created to protect pregnant teens, especially those experiencing abuse and neglect from their own parents. The changes in this law would make it impossible for some teenagers to get a bypass, particularly young teens in abusive homes or teens who do not have parents in their lives. The House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee will hear testimony of this bill on Tuesday, April 14 in Capitol Extension E2.026 as soon as the House adjourns.
  • On WednesdayHB 3446 and HB 3765, both by Rep. Jodie Ann Laubenberg are bills that are unnecessary and target abortion providers. They also send a clear message that anti-choice lawmakers don’t trust Texans to make their own reproductive health decisions. Both of these bills will be heard on Wednesday, April 15 in the John H. Reagan Building (15th and Congress), Room 140 as soon as the House adjourns.
  • Also on Wednesday, HB 3864 – a bill that seeks to impose religious beliefs and limit access to health care for minors – will be heard on Wednesday, April 15 by the House Committee on Juvenile Justice & Family Issues in Capitol Extension E.2.016. 

Get ready to dust off your orange.

Don’t know how to register for or against a bill? Check out our guide here and watch this post for updates on when hearings start happening. If you can’t make it to the hearing, keep track of the broadcast schedule for live streaming of House committee hearings.