Anti-choice bills

HJR 126 Simpson, David — Proposing a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to life of unborn children and prohibiting abortion to the extent authorized under federal constitutional law.

SB 831 Kolkhorst, Lois/HB 1648 – White, Molly — Relating to voluntary and informed consent to an abortion and prevention of coerced abortions; providing penalties; creating an offense. This bill creates criminal offenses for coercing someone into having an abortion and imposes multiple requirements on abortion providers and people seeking abortions, including a 72 hour waiting period for victims of abuse to access abortion.

SB 1564 Burton, Konni/HB 2531 Krause, Matt – Relating to the regulation of abortion procedures; providing civil penalties; affecting the prosecution of a criminal offense. This bill would significantly change the judicial bypass procedure for minors seeking an abortion, making it exponentially more difficult for an abused teen to access the legal right to an abortion. The bill would also require that all people seeking an abortion provide a state or federally-issued ID to access abortion.

SB 1860 Lucio, Eddie  — Relating to resource awareness sessions for women seeking abortions. This bill requires someone seeking an abortion to complete a mandatory 1-3 hour “resource awareness session” 24 hours before an abortion. A pregnant person has to have a certficate of completion before they can get an abortion and the session providers would be crisis pregnancy centers, which are known to lie, guilt and shame women out of seeking abortion.

SB 1872 Campbell, Donna/HB 3130 Farney, Marsha — Relating to coverage provided by certain qualified health plans for abortion. This bill prohibits plans offered via health benefit exchanges from covering abortion, with an exception only for the mother’s life.

HB 113 Fletcher, Allen – Relating to prohibiting abortion that is based on the sex of the unborn child; creating an offense. This bill creates civil and criminal penalties for knowingly performing or coercing performance of an abortion for purposes of sex selection.

HB 723 King, Phil – Relating to the appointment of a guardian ad litem and attorney ad litem for a minor in an application for a court order authorizing the minor to consent to an abortion. This bill changes the judicial bypass law so that the minor’s guardian ad litem can no longer serve as the minor’s attorney. It also changes what minors must prove in court in order to get a bypass.

HB 832 Shaefer, Matt — Relating to reporting requirements for a physician performing an abortion at an abortion facility. This bill requires all physicians, rather than clinics to submit a monthly report on the abortions that physician performs and removes language that keeps the physician’s identity confidential.

HB 1435 Smithee, John/SB 575 Taylor, Larry — Relating to health plan and health benefit plan coverage for abortion. This bill prohibits plans offered through health benefit exchanges to cover abortion, with an exception for the mother’s life. The bill also requires health benefit plans not offered through an exchange to only offer abortion coverage if it is separate from all other coverage, and offered for an additional fee.

HB 1901 Krause, Matt – relating to the withdrawal or withholding of life-sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient. This bill requires the Attorney General to appoint an attorney ad litem for fetuses of pregnant patients on life support.

HB 1942 Simmons, Ron — Relating to judicial authority to issue orders allowing minors to consent to abortions and disclosure of that authority. This bill mandates that only a judge elected or appointed to a court in which a judicial bypass application is filed may hear and rule on that application. It also requires that the names of the judges who approve applications and authorize minors to consent to abortions be made public, as well as the number of applications they have approved.

HB 1976 Schaefer, Matt – Relating to the regulation of abortion procedures. This bill would remove “severe fetal abnormality” from the exceptions to the ban on abortions after 20 weeks “probable post fertilization.”

HB 2924 Landgraf, Brooks — Relating to information regarding Down syndrome This bill stifles the speech of genetic counselors and prenatal health care providers by forbidding them from presenting pregnant persons with all options. The bill states that the provider cannot explicitly or implicitly present pregnancy termination as an option.

HB 3446 Laubenberg, Jodie — Relating to signs required to be displayed at certain facilities that perform abortions. This bill would require abortion providers to post certain signage in the clinics.

HB 3765 Laubenberg, Jodie — Relating to consent to an abortion on a minor. This bill requires that parental consent to a minor’s abortion must be notarized.

HB 3994 Morrison, Geanie — Relating to notice of and consent to an abortion for a minor. This bill would require all persons seeking an abortion to show a government-issued identification. Among other provisions, it also restricts venue for minors seeking a judicial bypass and requires them to appear in person rather than through other typically-permissible methods like teleconference.