Vote 2018

This year, all 150 members of the Texas House and approximately half of the members of the Texas Senate are up for reelection. These state legislators are responsible for protecting and expanding or further restricting abortion access and reproductive rights in Texas.

Your vote this year matters! Be sure you are registered at your current address by these deadlines:

  • February 5: Last day to register or change address for the March 6 primary election
  • February 20 through March 2: Primary election early voting
  • March 2: Last day of early primary election voting
  • March 6: Primary election day to select Democratic and Republican nominees
  • October 9: Last day to register to vote in general election
  • October 22 through November 2: Early voting for general election
  • November 6 – General Election day

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Stay tuned for more events throughout election season!

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