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Statement: More than 5,400 Texans Demand the State Remove Anti-Abortion Activists from the Women’s Health Program

The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services met September 13 to discuss the new Healthy Texas Women program, the third iteration of a state women’s health program that has been drastically underperforming since 2013.

The state gave The Heidi Group $1.6 million to participate in Healthy Texas Women. The Heidi Group is an anti-abortion nonprofit led by an activist who is dangerously misinformed about basic public health. The group received the second largest contract in the program, despite not currently providing medical services.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas testified against the contract Tuesday and delivered a petition signed by 5,455  Texans demanding the state defund the Heidi Group. Blake Rocap, legislative counsel at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, made the following statement in response to the hearing:

“It is outrageous that the state’s family planning dollars are going to fund anti-abortion organizations while Texans continue to face barriers accessing contraception and medical care, and more women are dying after childbirth. The Heidi Group is not a health care provider and its list of subcontractors includes a clinic that has closed and crisis pregnancy centers that provide biased and misleading information and shame women for having abortions.

Texas does not allow qualified providers such as Planned Parenthood and independent reproductive health clinics that offer or refer patients to full-spectrum care, including abortion, to participate in any state reproductive health program. By excluding these providers, Texas is continuing to play politics with reproductive health care. People deserve to feel respected and valued in their healthcare decisions and have the right to access safe, competent care at their chosen provider.

As long as lawmakers continue to place political restrictions on access to health care, no amount of money, program redesign or handwringing by the very legislators responsible for destroying the health care safety net will meet the needs of Texans.”

Read more about the implications of the state funding anti-abortion organizations and playing politics with Texans’ health in NARAL Pro-Choice Texas’ op-ed published today.

Texas Files Lawsuit Challenging Ban on Health Care Discrimination Based on Person’s Gender Identity

We at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas stand in solidarity with the transgender and gender nonconforming community in the wake of a lawsuit that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton — who is under felony indictment for a number of legal and ethical violations — and three other states filed against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services challenging a rule change that prohibits health care facilities that receive federal money from discriminating on the basis of a patient’s gender identity. The rule requires that individuals be treated consistent with their gender identity, including in access to facilities. It also prohibits providers from denying or limiting treatment for any health services ordinarily or exclusively available to one gender based on the fact that a person seeking such services identifies as another gender. This rule change is one step toward correcting a system that routinely discriminates against a vulnerable population.

This lawsuit highlights the importance of cross-movement solidarity and the need to extend our work to include protections of the most vulnerable members of our society. The state is using discriminatory policies like the Hyde Amendment and its codification into the Affordable Care Act to not only continue denying essential abortion care to pregnant people, but also uses these harmful policies to justify opposition to the provision of equal treatment in health care based on the patient’s gender identity. Just as the Hyde Amendment leaves those most in need without access to safe and legal abortion care, Texas and the other plaintiffs are seeking the right to continue denying health care to trans and gender nonconforming individuals based on religious or moral grounds.

The transgender community is one of the most at-risk in our country. Transgender people are much more likely to be victims of violence and hate crimes and those risks increase if the individual is a person of color. According to a national survey of transgender people, 28 percent of trans and gender nonconforming patients postponed getting medical care when sick or injured because of discrimination and 48 percent had to delay getting care because they could not afford it. With 1 in 4 transgender people living in poverty, discrimination and denial of coverage is denial of care for those most in need.

In addition to using religion as an excuse for the state to perpetuate dangerous, hateful ideals, Paxton’s office callously and hypocritically argues that Texas “zealously protects the doctor-patient relationship,” an assertion that is especially ironic given the gross interference the state takes in the way doctors are required to treat patients seeking abortion care.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas believes that all Texans deserve access to health care, especially reproductive health care, free from discrimination or harassment. We oppose obstacles to health care, including the restrictions on insurance coverage for abortion and policies that deny care to transgender Texans. As long as our governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other elected officials continue to discriminate against us, we must band together to demand all our rights in this state.

Celebrating Our Latinx Power Movement!

Texas LAN activists
This year, as we commemorate the
7th Annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice, we’re proud to support and amplify the voices of Texas Latinx activists and organizers in the fight for equity and justice. We trust the expertise of people in their communities, and we’d like to lift up and celebrate the hard work and contributions of local organizers and home-grown organizations along the Texas-Mexico border. These groups are making a difference, increasing awareness, starting important conversations, addressing their communities’ needs and smashing abortion stigma.

The Texas Latina Advocacy Network (TX LAN), part of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, began in 2007 and is three staff members strong with a powerful base of poderosas in the Rio Grande Valley. Activists engaged with the TX LAN center their organizing on increasing access to reproductive health care for all women; they’ve led marches, health fairs, letter writing campaigns and meetings with local officials. They’ve tackled increasing access to necessary transportation in rural communities and mobilizing to expand reproductive health care access by collecting thousands of signed letters, making hundreds of calls, and conducting countless in-district visits to elected representatives.

Melissa Arjona, a native of Pharr, Texas, founded South Texans for Reproductive Justice in September 2014. The Whole Woman’s Health clinic in McAllen had been closed for six months due to House Bill 2. When it reopened, Melissa and four others approached the clinic staff to ask what they could do to help. The group began clinic escorting to counter the increased harassment of patients by anti-abortion groups. STRJ continues to organize clinic escorting three to four times a week. New clinic patient escorts are always welcome and needed. To get involved, send a message through the group’s Facebook page or email [email protected].

La Frontera Fund is South Texas’ only abortion fund serving the region. The organization, which launched in 2016 in direct response to the loss of abortion clinics in the area under House Bill 2, provides funding for lodging costs for people seeking abortions in the Rio Grande Valley, and Valley residents who travel to other clinics in the state. Even with the U.S Supreme Court decision striking major provisions of HB 2, abortion clinics cannot reopen overnight, and many Texans still face financial barriers when it comes to accessing abortion care. La Frontera Fund helps ease the severity of that burden.

The West Fund, a volunteer-run abortion fund based in El Paso and founded in 2013, provides critical financial assistance to Texans seeking abortion care in the upper Rio Grande Valley. Through education, community building, and gap funding, West Fund founders, volunteers and organizers work to empower west Texans, helping them achieve their decisions and access the healthcare they deserve.

Thousands of Texans Demand the State Stop Lying to Patients

Last week, thousands of Texans sent a loud and clear message to the Texas Department of State Health Services — Politicians have no business lying to patients seeking abortion care and the state must stop inserting itself in the doctor-patient relationship.

More than 5,000 Texans submitted comments to the agency opposing the “Woman’s Right to Know” pamphlet, a booklet riddled with medical inaccuracies and misleading, shameful language that the state requires doctors to give patients seeking abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and our partner organizations generated approximately 3,800 comments, and thanks to the efforts of other allies who also encouraged Texans to contribute, more than 5,000 individuals made their voices heard.

In addition, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas submitted official comments to the state health agency, urging officials to correct the medical inaccuracies and shameful language that persist in the latest revision. Read a portion of our comments below, and read the entire letter here.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas opposes state interference with the doctor-patient relationship in this manner. At the very least, every revision of the booklet should bring us closer to medical and scientific accuracy and away from the shaming misinformation that has dominated the booklet in the past.  That is not the case with this revision.

Consistent with your admonition that “Revisions to the booklet will be guided by peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature, resources from professional medical organizations, and government health sources,” We insist that the WRTK booklet be further revised to correct the legion of inaccuracies and slanted language, so that no licensed physician in Texas is forced to disclaim its contents and no patient is forced to experience unnecessary stress or shame as she exercises her constitutionally-protected right to an abortion.

In addition to the well documented medical and scientific inaccuracies that have persisted in every edition, the current revision adds more unnecessary, inaccurate, and manipulative information that must be removed.