Why I Give: Jeni Putalavage-Ross

2017 has been a really hard year. Every day, there was a new cause that I felt like I should be helping—natural disasters wreaked havoc around the country and the world, countless political causes needed support, and so many individuals used crowdsourcing to help get them through hard times that it was sometimes truly overwhelming. I try to support a few key causes as the foundation of my annual giving and I’ve chosen NARAL Pro-Choice Texas as my base.
I support them wholeheartedly because I believe reproductive rights are so essential and so threatened. Deciding whether or not to become a parent is arguably the biggest decision every individual has to make. Everyone deserves to make the decision about how, when and IF they want to have a child. Unfortunately, politicians in Texas and the White House are trying everything they can to limit people’s access to health care and abortion. I count on NARAL Pro-Choice Texas to represent my interests at the Legislature, keep me informed about legislative action that will impact abortion access, help inform community organizers and politicians about the facts around abortion, and expose deceptive crisis pregnancy centers (even as the state continues to fund them).