Abortion Speakouts Scheduled in September at City Halls Across Texas

The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, Texas Equal Access Fund, West Fund, and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas are launching the statewide Repro Power TX initiative with simultaneous abortion storytelling speakouts in four major cities throughout the state—Houston, Dallas, El Paso and Austin. As we gather at city halls around Texas on September 27—just before the anniversary of the federal Hyde Amendment that bans public coverage for abortion–we invite you to join us in mobilizing our own communities to build power and create a groundswell of support for reproductive justice and access to abortion.

Following this year’s regular and special legislative sessions, when lawmakers continued to attack abortion access and rob local communities of their power, it’s time we come together and take back our cities. We know that the majority of people in our Texas communities support access to abortion, but unfortunately, hostility in the Legislature means that these voices often go unheard. Through Repro Power TX and together with our supporters, we commit to holding our cities accountable for taking steps to protect abortion access in the face of attacks.

Together, we envision a Texas in which there is widespread public support for abortion access from the ground up, and abortion is accessible to everyone seeking it — stigma free. It’s time for our city officials to hear the voices of our communities.

We hope you’ll join us in Houston, Dallas, El Paso or Austin. If you are unable to attend in person, you can still show your support online by participating in our #ReproPowerTX Thunderclap!

This blog post is cross-posted from the Repro Power TX website. Visit repropowertx.org to learn more about the initiative and sign on to support local work in your community.