Talking Points for Healthy Texas Women Hearing in Lubbock

Thanks for your interest in attending Friday’s hearing for public comment on Healthy Texas Women, the state’s women’s health program. Sample talking points are below. RSVP here if you plan on attending the hearing.

Every Texan deserves access to comprehensive health care, no matter where they live. 

Politicians do not belong in the exam room and they should not be in the business of regulating where people go to access health care. 

Texans across the state rely on Planned Parenthood to provide them with comprehensive reproductive health care. 

Texas would rather give family planning dollars to manipulative, non-medical crisis pregnancy centers than to legitimate health care providers. 

Politically motivated attacks on Texans’ reproductive health care must stop. 

No one should have their basic health care taken away. Shame on you Texas for attacking access to health care once again. 

Every Texan deserves to choose their own provider, regardless of income.

Texas is facing a maternal mortality crisis — why do officials want to make it harder to access health care? 

Since Texas kicked Planned Parenthood out of the Healthy Texas Women program, nearly 30,000 fewer Texans have received birth control, cancer screenings and other vital care through the program. 

Instead of attacking abortion providers, Texas should focus on making sure people have the resources available to build and maintain strong families.