This Week at the #TXLEGE

With less than a month left in the legislative session, the House Committee on Calendars is now in control of the fate of six anti-abortion bills moving through the legislative process.

Once a bill is passed out of a House committee, the Calendars committee is solely responsible for determining which bills are heard on the house floor.

Six anti-abortion bills are either in the Calendars committee ready for consideration, or were approved by another committee and will be considered by the Calendars committee soon:

  • House Bill 35 requires the cremation or burial of embryonic tissue.
  • House Bill 200 makes an already federally banned abortion procedure a crime under state law, prohibits tissue donation from abortion, and requires the cremation or burial of embryonic tissue.
  • House Bill 434 prohibits families from suing a doctor or another person who lied or withhold information from a pregnant person
  • House Bill 1936 prohibits abortion facilities and their affiliates, from entering into any transaction with any government entity. This bill would harm public health efforts by local governments.
  • House Bill 2858 requires abortion clinics to post a sign warning patients that a forced abortion or labor is a criminal offense. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas takes a neutral position because the bill could be used as a vehicle for more unnecessarily cumbersome restrictions on operations of abortion facilities.
  • House Bill 2962 requires abortion clinics, hospitals, and physicians to report abortion complications to the state. The reporting includes the type of complication and patient’s private health care information. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas opposes this bill because it mandates medically unnecessary reporting while not requiring reporting that would be helpful to researchers and is unclear on the reporting of complications related to self induced abortion.

Sign our petition to tell the Calendars committee not to schedule these bills for debate on the House Floor and not to add further restrictions on abortion and harmful regulations on doctors.

In addition to the bills already in the Calendars committee, the State Affairs committee will hear House Bill 1113, which would ban private insurance from covering abortion, except in the narrowest emergency circumstances.

Join us WEDNESDAY at the John H. Reagan building to oppose this bill, which will undoubtedly cut off access to abortion for low-income and rural Texans and communities of color. If you can’t make it to the hearing, CALL the members of the House Committee on State Affairs to voice your opposition—

  • Byron Cook (chair)       (512) 463-0730
  • Helen Giddings (vice-chair)       (512) 463-0953
  • Tom Craddick       (512) 463-0500
  • Jessica Farrar       (512) 463-0620
  • Charlie Geren       (512) 463-0610
  • Ryan Guillen       (512) 463-0416
  • Ken King       (512) 463-0736
  • John Kuempel       (512) 463-0602
  • Morgan Meyer       (512) 463-0367
  • René Oliveira       (512) 463-0640
  • Chris Paddie       (512) 463-0556
  • Eddie Rodriguez       (512) 463-0674
  • John T. Smithee       (512) 463-0702


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