Statement: Anti-Abortion Lawmakers Continue Playing Politics with Texans’ Health Care

Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced Senate Bill 20, which would ban insurance coverage for abortion. This legislation follows a string of anti-abortion bills filed last week. Heather Busby, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, released the following statement —

“This session, Texas lawmakers need to fix the litany of areas where they have failed families — from our broken child welfare system to chronic underfunding of public education. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and state lawmakers should prioritize policies that improve the lives of Texans and their families, including expanding access to reproductive health care, not play politics by passing medically unnecessary restrictions that make it even more difficult for Texans to access safe, legal abortion.”
“The ban on fetal tissue research from an elective abortion — filed last week — is a backlash to heavily edited and discredited videos released in 2015 intended to smear Planned Parenthood. As no abortion clinics in Texas currently participate in donating fetal tissue to researchers, Senate Bill 8 accomplishes nothing but further stigmatizing abortion.”
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