Thousands of Texans Demand the State Stop Lying to Patients

Last week, thousands of Texans sent a loud and clear message to the Texas Department of State Health Services — Politicians have no business lying to patients seeking abortion care and the state must stop inserting itself in the doctor-patient relationship.

More than 5,000 Texans submitted comments to the agency opposing the “Woman’s Right to Know” pamphlet, a booklet riddled with medical inaccuracies and misleading, shameful language that the state requires doctors to give patients seeking abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Texas and our partner organizations generated approximately 3,800 comments, and thanks to the efforts of other allies who also encouraged Texans to contribute, more than 5,000 individuals made their voices heard.

In addition, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas submitted official comments to the state health agency, urging officials to correct the medical inaccuracies and shameful language that persist in the latest revision. Read a portion of our comments below, and read the entire letter here.

NARAL Pro-Choice Texas opposes state interference with the doctor-patient relationship in this manner. At the very least, every revision of the booklet should bring us closer to medical and scientific accuracy and away from the shaming misinformation that has dominated the booklet in the past.  That is not the case with this revision.

Consistent with your admonition that “Revisions to the booklet will be guided by peer-reviewed scientific and medical literature, resources from professional medical organizations, and government health sources,” We insist that the WRTK booklet be further revised to correct the legion of inaccuracies and slanted language, so that no licensed physician in Texas is forced to disclaim its contents and no patient is forced to experience unnecessary stress or shame as she exercises her constitutionally-protected right to an abortion.

In addition to the well documented medical and scientific inaccuracies that have persisted in every edition, the current revision adds more unnecessary, inaccurate, and manipulative information that must be removed.