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Support one bill this week and oppose two others

By on April 21, 2015

Update, 4/22 5:00pm: The House State Affairs Committee has started hearing bills. Watch our Twitter feed for when the following hearings come up, or live stream here.

This week we’ve got three bills for you to watch on Wednesday at the House State Affairs Committee, with one pro-choice bill, one big anti-choice bill and one anti-LGBT bill. Here they are:

  • SUPPORT HB 708: Written by Representative Farrar (D – Houston), this bill would require that the anti-choice “Woman’s Right to Know” pamphlet have medically accurate information included in its pages. Currently, the state requires all abortion doctors to provide this information to patients seeking abortion care, and the information included is inaccurate, biased and not based on scientific fact.
  • OPPOSE HB 3994: This bill requires all Texans who are seeking an abortion to show a valid government ID. It also effectively endangers vulnerable and abused teenagers’ safety by making the judicial bypass process more onerous and targets judges who grant judicial bypass. This bill is an anti-choice bill that targets teenagers seeking safe abortion care.
  • OPPOSE HB 3567This bill would grant a license to discriminate against LGBT Texans. According to the Texas Freedom Network, “Under the guise of protecting the right of clergy not to perform marriages—a right that is already constitutionally guaranteed—HB 3567 would grant religious entities unfettered authority to discriminate in a broad range of situations that have nothing to do with religion.

These bills are all being heard at the House State Affairs Committee in the John H. Reagan Building (15th and Congress), Room 140. You may register for HB 708/against HB 3994 and HB 3567 anytime after 10:30 am, but please remember that it is impossible to know when these hearings start, since they begin only after the House has adjourned for the day. Check our Twitter feed or use the hashtag #TrustTX to find out exactly when these bills will be heard. If you need help finding out how to register for these bills, head here.

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Drew Stanley is the Digital Communications Manager at NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. You can email him at [email protected] or find him on Twitter at @nameverb.